Freelance Market in 2020 and Beyond – Key Message with Freelancing Beats
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : February 9, 2020

Freelancing as a business model is rapidly changing.When this happens, the competition is always tough. In this tutorial sort of message, there are two parts:
1) Someone tagged me in a Facebook Post regarding Freelancing and Freelancers’ Psychological Patterns. So, that content was in my mind and I was browsing YouTube. Freelancing Beats (Found an audio clip in YouTube Audio Section. Out of nowhere, these lyrics came into my mind. I’m neither a singer nor I have a sense of beats. I just added my voice to the beats and added my lyrics. Basically, a message.
2) Freelance Market is under pressure now. In 2020 and beyond, things are getting tougher. This field is not for those who look for easy money. It’s a challenging field. In this session, I shared the same message.
Watch and Listen Carefully. Smile when you listen me singing for the very first time on a public forum. Just to share smiles with you all.
Lot more to come in 2020. Get ready. Stay passionate. Keep on learning. Keep on earning.