English Sessions for Freelancers – Upwork – Fiverr – Helping Verbs and Contractions in Urdu
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : February 10, 2018

Live English Grammar Sessions for Freelancers in Urdu is our new initiative to help out fellow freelancers from Pakistan in particular and from other areas of the world in general. One of the biggest challenges that non-native English Speakers / Freelancers face on Upwork, Fiverr and other Freelancing Platforms is lack of English Language Proficiency. This live session is answer to questions you have been asking so far.

It’s a series of passion and sincerity. In this session, we revised personal pronouns and talked about helping verbs, auxiliary verbs and modal verbs in their full form and contracted form.

From 1st person pronoun to 3rd person pronouns (both singular and plural), we discussed how helping verbs are linked.

We also talked about difficulties that non-native speakers of English Language face while dealing with contracted forms of pronouns and helping verbs altogether.

We also talked about working as a team and counted the benefits when freelancers work as one team and students study in groups. It’s all about Union is Strength. The core message of this session was ‘united we stand ; divided we fall.”

Freelance Pakistan is a community of Pakistani Freelancers. Freelancers from all over world have already joined us. Freelancing is sort of Global Playing Field. We, the freelancers, compete with one another the dignified way. No leg pulling. No bad practices. Merit and Transparency. That’s it.

Our vision is to learn and earn together, as one team. United we stand; divided we fall. In this Live Session, we discussed in detail the fall and darkness. It’s our core message. Positivism is the way forward.

English Language is the language of business and trade in freelancing sectors. Let’s learn it. And we will share secrets with you. How to write effective job proposals? What to find in the Job Postings? How to respond to Upwork and Fiverr clients? How can a freelancer learn English? And how much English is needed to communicate?

We discussed a lot many things. A few key points might help you get going. Stay blessed.

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