CorelDRAW 2018 Tools – Pick Tool – Freehand – Free transform – Explained in Urdu | Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : September 6, 2018

This tutorial discusses 3 basic tools of CorelDRAW i.e. Pick Tool, Free Transform Tool and Freehand Tool (mainly in Urdu). Hindi speaking fellows can also follow along.

In this second tutorial of our new playlist i.e. ‘All CorelDraw Tools Explained’, we talked about how, when and where to use pick tool. We also discussed in detail the Corel Draw Property Bar with all its options. Then we moved on towards usage of freehand tool. This tool, as the name tells us, is used freely to select complex objects. Finally we talked about free transform tool and experimented a few things to practice this tool.

Following keyboard shortcuts are discussed in the tutorial:

Ctrl + Drag = To Move in Proportion (when we select a shape etc with the help of pick tool).
Shift + Resize (To scale a shape from center)
Right click on color to apply stroke color.
Left click on color to fill the shape or apply color to an object.
F2 to marquee and zoom desired area.
F4 to fit to page
C = To center an object with respect to another object (Horizontally)
E= To center an object vertically
P= To center an object on the page.
Ctrl + D = To duplicate

And we also shared a few Graphic Design Tips and Secrets for the beginners. We explored how spacebar helps us select a tool (When we move from one tool to another tool).
This CorelDraw Series will include an in depth introduction of all Corel Draw Tools.

As always, we also discussed the importance of learning CorelDRAW Tools in prior. Please do not skip or make haste. Your freelancing or design career demands that you invest your energies in the beginning to learn this software. It’s friendly. And it’s very much like Adobe’s Illustrator a vector program.

Wish you good luck in your learning endeavors and freelancing career.

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