CorelDRAW 2018 Tools – Master Curves for Logo Tracing – Explained in Urdu – Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : September 10, 2018

In this tutorial, we learnt about 9 CorelDRAW tools with special focus on learning curves for logo tracing.

The tools we discussed are freehand tool, 2 point line tool, bezier tool, pen tool, B-Spline tool, polyline tool, 3-point curve tool, smart drawing tool and finally live sketch tool.

To cover all 9 tools in one tutorial needed lot of stamina and speed management. So, here it goes. It will help understand curves the better way. We started our discussed with 4 basic modes of any curve:

1) The cusp mode (We can move one of the handles freely and curve accordingly)
2) The smooth mode (Curves remain smooth; however, handles will of different size on both ends)
3) The symmetrical mode (It is similar to smooth mode; however the only difference is symmetry between both handles. If we move one handle, the other moves symmetrically. In the smooth mode, when we move one handle, it decreases but the other handle doesn’t decrease)
4) The line mode (No curves mode)

Then we started our in depth tutorial with freehand tool. This tool allows us to draw lines, curves, and shapes freely without any restrictions. We can place nodes or the angles of curves as we like. We can also draw segments of lines and objects, connect open nodes, and close objects when needed.
While dragging in free mode, if we hold and press Shift Key, we can go back and delete the segments we just created and we can start right from there.

Our next tool was 2 Point Line Tool. As the name signifies, we can draw lines with 2 points. We also discussed how to click and hold left mouse button while dragging.
Then we moved on towards bezier tool. It is widely used in logo tracing all over the world. Bezier can be used to draw lines and curves both. To make a curve, we need to click and drag. We can also have cusp modes where needed by pressing letter ‘C’.

One aspect or beauty of all these tools is their integration. We can draw one segment or part with one tool, and we can go to some other tool and start drawing rest of the lines or curves with that tool. Above all, we add up shape tool, the power doubles.

After bezier tool, we discussed pen tool. The main difference between bezier and pen is the preview of rubber band. We can draw lines, curves and trace logos with the help of pen tool. It’s wonderful corel draw tool.

Next is B-Spline tool. With the help of this curvature tool we can draw lines and curves by ‘setting the boundaries around the curve itself rather than the nodes’. This is very interesting. We talked about abstract logo designing creation with the help of b spline.

With Polyline tool, we can draw freely or make straight lines accordingly. When this tool is selected, we don’t need to click on nodes. It remains fluid.
3-point curve tool helps us draw 3 points. We click once to start, drag and leave mouse to reach to 3 point. It gives us a curved swing. We experimented with two emoticons and drew happy and sad face (We also learnt how to copy properties from one object to another by going to edit menu.

Then we talked about Smart Drawing Tool. It guesses the smart way what shape we are trying to create and helps us have the perfect shape. If it fails to guess, it gives us smooth shape. From this point on, we can go to shape tool and play around or perfect our nodes.

Last tool in our discussion was recently added to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. It is Live Sketch. If one has stylus or touch screen device, this tool is great for live sketching, brainstorming for logo design ideas etc.

Finally, we traced Freelance Pakistan Logo (Pro tips were shared with freelancers and graphic designers).

Watch this tutorial to master curve tools of coreldraw and to know how professionals use these tools while working on their daily projects. Please do not skip or make haste. Your freelancing or design career demands that you invest your energies in the beginning to learn this software. It’s friendly. And it’s very much like Adobe’s Illustrator a vector program.

Wish you good luck in your learning endeavors and freelancing career.

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