CorelDRAW 2018 Tools – Logo Design Ideas with Basic Shapes – Explained in Urdu – Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : September 12, 2018

Logo Design Ideas with Basic Geometrical Shapes in CorelDRAW. Well explained and easy to follow tutorial with detailed intro of all basic shapes, impact tool, graph tool and table tool.

This tutorial starts with an overview of Logos that we see on daily basis. We talked about what is logo and its significance in a brand’s overall impact. We gave some examples of big brands such as Apple, Facebook and Google etc. When a business succeeds in establishing its authority, it becomes a brand and its name starts being used as a verb in day to day to conversations as we say “I just Googled and found it”. Or, we usually say, please whatsapp me that file or image or video. It means that we are using whatsapp and Google names as verbs in sentences. Hence, big brands.

Then we started with basic rectangle. We explored different ideas to deign logos for clients. CorelDRAW is very flexible when it comes to drawing with the help of curve tools and shape tools in particular. One by one, we explored all basic shapes including, ellipse, polygon, spiral, arrows, callouts, heart shape, and water drop etc. We also tried perfect shapes and moved their colored nodes to increase or decrease size.

Then we discussed corel draw graph tool in detail with all its property bar features. We also answered the question ‘graph vs table in CorelDRAW’. We created table and explored how we can write text, set columns and rows and adjust width and height accordingly.

Finally, we explored newly introduced coreldraw tool i.e. The Impact Tool. Impact is a great tool as it offers freelance designers to beautify their art work. We explored impact effects (parallel and radial) with line width and spacing. We also explored inner and outer boundary.

We also talked about creating Logo Design Elements with the help of basic shapes.

Watch this tutorial to master basic shapes of coreldraw and explore new ideas for your next logo design project. Please do not skip or make haste. Your freelancing or design career demands that you invest your energies in the beginning to learn this software. It’s friendly. And it’s very much like Adobe’s Illustrator a vector program.

Wish you good luck in your learning endeavors and freelancing career.

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