CorelDRAW 2018 Tools – Interactive Tools Mastery – Explained in Urdu – Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : September 18, 2018

Let’s be interactive with CorelDRAW tools to measure dimension, connect nodes and add creative shadows, contours and blends to our vector objects.

This tutorial discusses 15 plus CorelDRAW tools mentioned as under:

1) First of all we discussed Dimension Tool Flyout. It includes: Parallel Dimension Tool, Horizontal or Vertical Dimension Tool, Angular Dimension Tool, Segment Dimension and 3-Point Callout Tool (this is very useful in designing interactive infographics in Corel Draw.

We discussed each tool with its property bar options in detail.

2) Then we moved on towards Connector Tool Flyout. It includes: Straight Line Connector Tool, Right Angle and Rounded Right Angle Connector Tool, and finally anchor editing to add or delete anchors. We experimented with two heart shapes and 3 rectangles. As each tool is an interactive one, so its behavior remains dynamic.
3) Then we started our discussiion about Interactive Tools Flyout. This contains tools that Graphic Designers use all over the world. As Coreldraw is mainly used in our region including Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, this tutorial will definitely help our youngsters learn advanced techniques to work around.

Block Shadow is newly introduced feature by corel. This is different from traditional drop shadow tool. We played with both tools to see the difference.

We also experimented with extrude, distort, blend, contour tools. Envelope Tool is left behind as it needed more time to explain. We’ll cover this in next tutorial along with transparency and smart fill tool for sure. And that would be our last tutorial in our playlist ‘ All CorelDRAW Tools explained in Urdu – Hindi’.

Watch this comprehensive tutorial to learn about use of dimension tool,s connector tools and very famous interactive tools flyout including drop shadow, block shadow (new corelDRAW feature 2018) etc. These tools are very useful for professional coreldraw projects. Please do not skip or make haste. Your freelancing or design career demands that you invest your energies in the beginning to learn this software. It’s friendly. And it’s very much like Adobe’s Illustrator a vector program.

Wish you good luck in your learning endeavors and freelancing career.

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