CorelDRAW 2018 Tool – Text Based Logos and Text Tool Mastery – 02 – Explained in Urdu – Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : September 15, 2018

Part2: Text based logo design in CorelDRAW is very easy. All it needs is an understanding of Clients’ business , psychology and rules of the game.

In this 2nd Part of the tutorial, we learnt more about designing text logos in Corel Draw ( Urdu and Hindi speaking fellows can follow along easily). First, we introduced newbies to our channel and how to scroll and find desired videos in the YouTube Playlists. We also talked about setting Video Quality from the gear icon. At times, YouTube Users complaint about video quality. In many cases, the resolution seems low because the internet speed affects streaming the content. Then we moved on to next phase of text tool mastery and circular logos etc.

First of all, we shared pro tips for new corelDRAW users to select artistic text. We used Shift Key + Left Arrow Key on the keyboard to select one letter at a time. Likewise, we can select right letter with right arrow key. To go to first letter, we press home key and to go to the end of the word or sentence, we press End Key. Similarly, if we press Shift Key and Press Home, it would select the word. If we are at the first letter of the word and we want to select the whole word, we can press Shift key and tap on End key to select and go after the last letter of the word or the sentence.

To quickly select a word in Corel Draw, we can press Ctrl Key and click on the word or we can simply double click on the word. Yes, we can always select the text manually.

Then we talked about Text Property Docker. Keyboard shortcut to access this panel is Ctrl + T. We talked about Uniform Fill, Fountain Fill, Vector Patterns etc. Then we discussed about fill setting panels. Particularly, we experimented with Outline Pen Panel. This is the panel that graphic designers all over the world use the most to fill outline behind and adjust corners and width etc. We can access this panel from the Text Property panel or we can double click on pen icon in the lower right corner of coreldraw window. Its keyboard shortcut is F12.

Then we described the difference between Break Apart (Keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + K) and Curved Text (Keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + Q).

Then we answered the following questions with practical examples:

1) How to fit text on path in CorelDRAW?
we discussed 4 different ways. First, we can draw a path with freehand or pen tool or even with bezier tool. Then we can type what we want to put on path. Then select the text, hold right click of mouse, drag the text and as we reach the path, the icon changes and a flyout pops up. From there, we can copy, move, power clip or fit to path.
Secondly, we can select both the text and the path, go to text menu. Click on Fit Text to Path option.
Third, we draw a path. Select Text Tool (F8). As we reach the path, the cursor changes and we can see the curve. This is how we directly start typing on the drawn path.
Finally, we can select the text. go to text menu, and as we click on Fir Text to Path, and come back to shape or path, it will offer us the preview.

We created a circular text based logo (Just for demo purpose). We used knife tool to cur the circle and fill different colors in both parts.

Then, in full detailed way, we discussed Wrapping Text around shapes, objects in CorelDRAW. We talked about Straddle Text in detail. We also touched 3 different ways to cutout a bitmap in photo paint, or we can simply use freehand tool to draw a closed path around bitmap image and float the text accordingly.

We also expeimented with Superscript and Subscript with H2o example.

We talked about secrets regarding Hyphenation in CorelDRAW. We discussed the features available in the dedicated panel. Likewise, we also talked about How to type or draw Math equations in the software.

Quite often, people ask a question:

1) How to type Urdu/ Hindi in CorelDRAW without InPage or any other software. In this tutorial, we demonstrated how we can install Urdu Pack in Windows 10 and make use of its power in the corel draw projects.

Watch tutorial # 8 (Part 1) and #9 (Part 2) to master the text tool for professional coreldraw projects. Please do not skip or make haste. Your freelancing or design career demands that you invest your energies in the beginning to learn this software. It’s friendly. And it’s very much like Adobe’s Illustrator a vector program.

Wish you good luck in your learning endeavors and freelancing career.

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