Complete Amazon Affiliate Training 101 Outline – Urdu | Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : March 25, 2020

Here comes Saad Ali Bhatti with an outline of Complete Amazon Affiliate Training 101. This video is part of #Mission9MB and we started with affiliate marketing to work from home for passive income.

Saad Ali discusses about his overall plan to share with you step by step what he has learnt over the years. He described the following in a true and very honest tone:
1) What is Amazon Associate (Affiliate Program).
2) What do we need to get approved?
3) What skill set is required?
4) How much money for investment is needed?
5) Understanding of WordPress and SEO is a must.
6) How much time do we need to start getting our commission as an affiliate from our merchants?
7) Why patience is a must for Amazon related niches?

Saad Ali wants you fill this Google Form. It’s a must so that he could devise his Amazon Training (100% Free) accordingly.

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This is the video he mentioned…

And much more as always…. Journey continues… #Mission9MB continues…

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