M2T3 – Learn WordPress to Earn – Chrome Ultimate Guide for Communication Skills – Urdu | Hindi

M2T3 – Learn WordPress to Earn – Chrome Ultimate Guide for Communication Skills – Urdu | Hindi

Task 3 Module 2 of Learn WordPress to Earn Course by Freelance Pakistan under #WPSpartans300 Refueled Course 2021 in Urdu & Hindi. This is communication skills module.
This tutorial / task covered the following step by step to help out freelancers providing services online via Fiverr, Upwork, Guru etc (Offline Freelancers might also get a lot many tips):

1: We discussed in detail about Chrome Browser and Webstore Extensions.
2: We discussed how to set Language Settings as per clients’ GEO location.
3: How to customize Chrome
4: How to Find useful Chrome Extensions for all professional needs.
5: We talked about Productivity, Accessibility, SEO, Security and Developer Tools.
6: We installed a few very useful extensions such as Google Dictionary, Google Translate, Thesaurus, Grammar Checker, Proofreading Tools. Also talked about Grammarly, a well known extension to improve communication skills while working on the projects.
7: Also talked about WordPress Theme & Plugin Detector and WP Sniffer.
8: Talked about Windows 10 Sticky Notes, Sticky Boards, Mind Maps, Diary etc.
9: How to compose an email and correct Grammar and Spelling mistakes/ errors.
10: How to start email for freelancing needs.
11: Google Profiles (Add People. How can we add people / profiles as per needs.
12: Chrome Tab Groups (How to create tab groups and close them all at once or one by one)
13: How to assign keyboard shortcuts.
14: ProWritingAid Grammar Checker & Writing Coach
15: Grammar and Spell Checker — LanguageTool
16: Wordeep Proofreading
17: Plagy
18: Plagiarism Checker
19: Screenshot Extensions
20: Appearance
21: Chrome Themes

Announcement : First Quiz for Module # 01 will be on Monday, February 15, 2021.

As always, tips, tricks and secrets for young freelancers/ students.

Your WordPress trainer

WordPress Command Line aka WP CLI Pro Guide in Urdu | Hindi

WordPress Command Line aka WP CLI Pro Guide in Urdu | Hindi

Step by Step WordPress Command Line Installation (WP CLI) on Windows 10 Pro Guide in Urdu & Hindi to manage WordPress without Browser.

In this follow up task, we discussed in detail how to set up Environment Variables in Windows OS for PHP & MySQL (MariaDB).

How to download wp-cli.phar:

Step 1 : Go to Click on Alternative Methods (Go to windows installing method). Download wp-cli.phar as shown in the tutorial.
Step 2: Create a new folder in C:// Let say wp-cli
Step 3: Create a text file wp.bat within
Step 4: Open wp-bat in editor and type
php “c:/wp-cli/wp-cli.php” %*
Step 5: Add the same path in Environment Variables as shown in the video.

Let’s Install WordPress on Localhost with wp-cli:

Step 1: Open CMD as Admin
Step 2: C:\cd xampphtdocs
Step 3: C:xampphtdocsmkdir FarooqVision (create empty folder to install WP)
Step 4: c:xampphtdocscd FarooqVision
cls to clear screen
Step 5: c:xampphtdocsFarooqVision wp core download and hit enter
Step 6: c:xampphtdocsFarooqVisiondir it will show files. clear screen
Step 7: Create a config file as under :
c:xampphtdocsFarooqVisionwp config create –dbname=FVisionDB –dbuser=root Hit enter (Make sure your xampp is running or restarted)
c:xampphtdocsFarooqVisionwp db create (Hit enter) DB will be created but empty. Check in mysql xampp admin dashboard phpmysql
Step 8: c:xampphtdocsFarooqVisionwp core install –url=localhost –title=FarooqVision –admin_user=TheSpartan –admin_password=Special090 – and hit enter
Step 9 : c:xampphtdocsFarooqVisionwp server –host=localhost –port=8080 hit enter
Step 10 : Open another cmd
c:xampphtdocsFarooqVisionwp theme list (it will show all themes)
Step 11: c:xampphtdocsFarooqVisionwp theme activate (to activate specific themes)
Step 12: c:xampphtdocsFarooqVisionwp theme install hello-elementor –activate NOTE: You need (theme slug)
Step 13: Open site admin dashboard by logging in.
Step 14 : To delete something, first deactivate and then delte.

We did the same for Laragon (Modern Local Web Development Environment).

Additional Commands:

c:xampphtdocsFarooqVision wp theme delete theme-slug
c:xampphtdocsFarooqVisionwp plugin list
c:xampphtdocsFarooqVisionwp plugin activate hello
c:xampphtdocsFarooqVisionwp plugin install plugin-slug –activate
c:xampphtdocsFarooqVisionwp plugin delete pluginslug
c:xampphtdocsFarooqVisionwp plugin list

We also discussed the well know wp scaffold command (To create barebone structure of plugin, block and theme etc).

Farooq Hussain Shah
Spartans’ WordPress Trainer

M2T2 – Learn WordPress to Earn – Freelancers Kit 2021 – Urdu | Hindi

M2T2 – Learn WordPress to Earn – Freelancers Kit 2021 – Urdu | Hindi

Learn WordPress to Earn is the Free Course started under #WPSpartans300 Refueled Mission in 2021 (Urdu | Hindi) along with English Language (On and off).

This is second module and task 2. In this task we started our journey to sell our WordPress Services to online clients via Fiverr/ Upwork etc. This module is very fundamental. However, it’s logical to be a brand (step by step).

We discussed the following:
1) How to create Gmail Account?
2) How to create Facebook Account / Page?
3) How to create a YouTube Channel in 2021?
4) What is Fiverr? and how does it work?
5) How to create a Fiverr Account?
6) How to create a account?
7) How to create Free Blogs on WordPress and Blogger?
8) Vs
9) How to get commercially free images/ videos etc?
10) Weebly and Squarespace

Reference Link :

This practice is a must for Future Tasks. Why? Because, communication happens via some medium. We need channels to streamline our communication. As a freelancer, we need to have portfolios etc.

And as always, a lot many tips and tricks for absolute beginners.


M2T1 – Learn WordPress to Earn – Communication Skills for Freelancers in Urdu | Hindi

M2T1 – Learn WordPress to Earn – Communication Skills for Freelancers in Urdu | Hindi

Communication Skills play vital role in a Freelancer’s life. You need to understand various elements/ methods involved in being a great communicator. If you can understand the job / project description step by step, you’re in a good position to respond.
Listening to understand and comprehend or reading to understand and comprehend are equally significant. If a message is decoded incorrectly, the results are disastrous.

To communicate with your clients online via Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, PeoplePerHour, 99Design or any other Freelance Job Market Place, you need to keep in mind a few things (Discussed in the live session)

Learn WordPress to Earn : Live WP FAQs Module # 1

Learn WordPress to Earn : Live WP FAQs Module # 1

Basic Introductory Module # 01 of ‘Learn WordPress to Earn Course’ for Absolute Beginners under #WPSpartans300 Refueled Mission 2021 is almost over.

In this very first Module, you learnt about :
1) What is WordPress? And why is it so popular CMS across globe?
2) What is WordPress Freelance Jobs / Projects Scope?
3) How to install WordPress on Localhost (Different Methods were shared)
4) How to install XAMPP?
5) How to install Wampserver?
6) How to install Local by Flywheel?
7) How to install Laragon?
8) How to fix XAMPP port issues?
9) How to change default browser?
10) How to download and install WordPress on Local Web Development Environment on computer?
11) How to install WordPress on Live Server (cpanel Apache)
12) How to create / add/ edit/ delete pages, posts, users and media items?
13) Step by Step Ultimate Guide about WordPress Admin Dashboard aka Control Panel.
14) Complete Guide about WordPress Page Builder i.e. Block Editor (Gutenberg)
15) Complete guide about WordPress Theme / Plugin Repository?

And a lot many Freelancing Tips to make online presence on Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, PeoplePerHour, etc productive and effective.

It was very basic part of the course for new WordPress Spartans. Once you start learning WordPress, things start getting easier day by day. Now you’re well acquainted with WordPress and its power as Content Management System. It’s time to revise what we learnt in the course (Learn WordPress to Earn). All WordPress Tutorials are absolutely free uploaded in HD 1080. You will receive Free Assets very soon, and yes A QUIZ as promised along with Course Completion Certificate from Farooq Hussain Shah (Your instructor / Guru / Trainer). My spartans call me The Chief Spartan 🙂 and I love that.

Please do not forget to join WordPress Spartans 300 Community Group on Facebook. The URL is as under :

NOTE: Next Module will be about Communication Skills Needed for Freelancing Success. Stay tuned.

Wishing you all the passion and blessings,

Freelance Pakistan

M1T8 – Learn WordPress to Earn – Complete WP Themes Plugins Repository Guide in Urdu – Hindi

M1T8 – Learn WordPress to Earn – Complete WP Themes Plugins Repository Guide in Urdu – Hindi

Module # 1 Task 8 of Absolutely Free WordPress Course (Learn WordPress to Earn) under #WPSpartans300 Refueled Mission 2021. This course is mainly in Urdu / Hindi.

In this Module, we discussed in detail the following topics and FAQs:
1) What is WordPress Repository?
2) How to search themes and plugins?
3) How to analyze WordPress Themes/ Plugins to make better choices?
4) How to download/ install/ activate Themes/ Plugins?
5) What makes themes and plugins featured and popular?
6) Which themes and plugins WordPress Recommends? And why so?
7) How to use Filter to get to desired theme/ plugin?
8) How to understand clients’ needs while working on Upwork, Fiverr, Guru Job Market Places?
9) How to configure University Themes’s frontpage? (as we demonstrated)
10) How to update themes. plugins?
11) What are top WordPress Themes and Plugins in 2021?
12) WordPress Repository Themes / Plugins can be accessed via Admin
Dashboard of your WordPress Website, or you can get the same results from official Website (click on themes/ plugins. Search and Boom)
And as always, freelancing tips, tricks and secrets.

Learning WordPress is fun if you are passionate about it. Freelance Pakistan Team is trying to share the same passion the passionate way. Make your Freelancing Profiles/ Portfolios and Careers exemplary. Never stop learning, and your earning won’t stop ever.

Farooq Hussain Shah
Freelance Pakistan
Your WordPress Trainer for this Course (100% Free)

M1T7 – Learn WordPress to Earn – Gutenberg Block Editor Guide 2021 Part 2 in Urdu | Hindi

M1T7 – Learn WordPress to Earn – Gutenberg Block Editor Guide 2021 Part 2 in Urdu | Hindi

This is Fourth Week (Module 1 Task 7) of 100 % Free WP Course under #WPSpartans300 Refueled 2021 Mission from Freelance Pakistan in Urdu , Hindi along with English Terms.

This is Part 2 of WordPress Page Builder (Block Editor). In this tutorial, we started from the point where we left in Part 1 (M1T6). First of all, we discussed why updating WordPress is necessary in Freelancing Career for our own sites and for the sites of clients. Then we started working on Homepage.

We added a cover block. Talked about Pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash (One can get commercially free images from such sites). Downloaded and uploaded one abstract image for the cover block. Added Heading and paragraph text on it. Aligned it.

Then we created About Section.

Afterwards, we added columns block and added three more images with captions and text underneath.

We added contact block and discussed how can we link Social Media Profiles by clicking on each icon and applying the changes. Then we moved towards About Me page and added two columns in a row.

To make my point clear i.e. What is a WordPress Theme and How does it change overall look and feel of the site, I demonstrated live by changing a couple themes including WordPress Official Theme Twenty twenty and another theme from the Repository.

Hope this will help you get started with WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor to create and edit Block Based Sites for your clients on Upwork, Fiverr, Guru etc.

Farooq Hussain Shah
Freelance Pakistan

How to Predict Future Trends and Living a PRO LIFE in Urdu | Hindi

How to Predict Future Trends and Living a PRO LIFE in Urdu | Hindi

You want to live a PRO Life and predict what’s going to happen in FUTURE? You want to get rid of low and slow life? Here comes the Ultimate Guide.(In Urdu – Hindi along with a mix of English Words , Terms and Phrases).

Let’s unlock the POWER of NOW. Food for thought for students, entrepreneurs, business owners and above all to whom it may concern.

Key Points of the how-to guide:

Billions of Galaxies and We’re on Planet Earth.
ان گنت کہکشاؤں میں ہم زمینی لوگ
Same Old Human – Same Old Needs
وہی قدیم انسانی رویے، وہی ضروریات ہماری
Ancient Patterns & Trends are Linked to Future Patterns and Trends
انسان کی داخلی تبدیلی خارجی تبدیلی کی راہ ہموار کرتی ہے
خارجی تبدیلیاں، انسانوں کے رجحانات بدلنے کی طاقت رکھتی ہیں
اندر سے بدلنے والے باہر کی تبدیلیوں کا ہراول دستہ ہوتے ہیں
جب باہر تبدیلی آتی ہے تو رجحانات کے تابع افراد اور قومیں بدلنے لگتی ہیں
Behavioral Developments Vs Technological Developments
انسانی رویوں کی تبدیلی بمقابلہ تکنیکی تبدیلی
Observe the Past. Find the Patterns. Make your NOW the best.
Future Growth ensured
ماضی کے پیٹرن پر نظر رکھیں۔ موجودہ لمحہ فیصلہ کن لمحہ ہے
مستقبل کو روشن کرنے کے چراغ موجودہ لمحے میں روشن ہوا کرتے ہیں
New Products were launched in the PAST. Now they’re gone. Why?
Now we have new products. New services. New Expectations. Someday, all this newness will be gone.
گزرے ہوئے کل کا نیا پن آج پرانا ہے۔
جو آج نیا ہے، کل پرانا ہو جائے گا
آنے والے کل نیا پن بھی اس کے بعد آنے والے زمانوں میں پرانا ہو جائے گا
بنیادی انسانی ضروریات وہی رہتی ہیں
نئی پراڈکٹس، نئی سروسز، نئے رجحانات اور نئی ضروریات کا باہمی تعلق گہرا ہے
نئی پراڈکٹ نئی سروسز کی راہ ہموار کرتی ہے
نئے رجحانات نئے انداز میں اپنی تکمیل کرتے ہیں
آپ جس دور میں بیٹھے ہیں اس تک کیا پہنچا ہے؟
یہ دور کس جانب بڑھ رہا ہے؟
یہاں رک کر فیصلہ کرنا ہے
جو ڈوب رہا ہے، وہ ڈوبے گا
جو ابھر رہا ہے، وہ ابھرے گا
ہر پرانی نسل کبھی نئی نسل تھی۔
ہر نئی نسل کبھی پرانی ہو گی
ڈیزائن، ڈویلپمنٹ، مارکیٹنگ، کاروبار، رشتے ناطے، تعلقات، سیاست الغرض ہر جگہ یہی اصول کارفرما ہے
پروگرامنگ لینگوئجز کے ساتھ بھی یہی معاملہ ہے
This COSMOS is interconnected.
یہ عالم رنگ و بو باہم مربوط ہے
آپ نے اپنے ربط کو ڈھونڈنا ہے۔ یہی کامیابی ہے کہ آپ
ربط کو ضبط کے ساتھ تلاش کر سکیں
Three Behavioral Patterns
تین داخلی رجحانات، پیٹرن
Low Life Vs Slow Life Vs Pro Life
1- Those who Do not learn at all. They’re in great number. LOW LIFE
کیا غلط کیا درست۔ کوئی سروکار نہیں۔ بس پیدا ہوئے، مر گئے
اکثریت ایسے لوگوں کی ہے جنہیں خبر ہی نہیں کہ وہ کیا ہیں کیوں ہیں
کیا ہو رہا ہے؟ کیوں ہو رہا ہے؟
کیا کرنا ہے؟ کیوں کرنا ہے؟
گھاس پھونس کا مزاج رکھنے والی اکثریت
بس آتی ہے، چلی جاتی ہے
انہیں استعمال کرنے والے خوب استعمال کرتے ہیں
یہی ان کا مقام و مرتبہ ہے
کوئی انا نہ خودادری
غلامی ہی غلامی
اور مر گئے
2- Those who learn from the PAST but do not APPLY the
learnt LESSONS.
ماضی سے سیکھتے ضرور ہیں لیکن موجودہ لمحے کو بدلنے کی ہمت یا محنت نہیں کر پاتے
نفسیاتی جبر کا غلبہ ہو سماجی و سیاسی جبر کی مغلوبیت
بس کوستے رہتے ہیں
خواب دیکھتے ہیں اور دیکھتے چلے جاتے ہیں
تعبیر عمل سے مشروط ہے۔
یہ بہترین دماغوں والے لوگ ہو کر بھی مستقبل کے لئے تیار نہیں ہو پاتے
زمانے سے متاثر ہوتے ہیں لیکن متاثر کر نہیں پاتے۔
نئے رجحانات کے بہاؤ میں بہتے جاتے ہیں
گھبرا جاتے ہیں
کیا سیکھیں؟ کیا نہ سیکھیں؟
فیصلہ نہیں کر پاتے
اگر یہ لوگ عمل کی دنیا میں داخل ہو جائیں
ضد چھوڑ دیں
ماضی کی ناکامیوں کی وجوہات تک پہنچ کر انہیں اپنی ذات سے نکال باہر کریں
تو یہی لوگ اگلے مرحلے میں داخل ہو جاتے ہیں
ورنہ ساری زندگی شکوے، ماتم، محرومیوں کے گیت
اور جلتے کڑھتے زندگی گزاری
بہتر سے بہترین بننے کے لئے انہیں
اپنے حالات و واقعات کا غیر جانبداری سے تجزیہ کرنا ہو گا
ورنہ یہ عمر بھر اسی مرحلے میں پھنسے رہیں گے
آگے نہیں بڑھ سکیں گے

3- Those who not only learn from the PAST but REWIRE & PREPARE
یہ نہ صرف ماضی سے سیکھتے ہیں بلکہ موجودہ لمحے کو بدلنے کے جتن کرتے ہیں۔
یہ ہر دور میں بہت تھوڑے لوگ ہوتے ہیں
ان کی جڑیں ماضی میں
عمل حال میں
اور پھل مستقبل میں
یقینی ہے
یہ زمانے کو متاثر کرنے والے لوگ ہوتے ہیں
یہ نئے رجحانات پیدا کرتے ہیں
سبب بنتے ہیں نئی تبدیلیوں ک
ایسے لوگ نہ صرف خود بدلتے ہیں بلکہ زمانہ بدل دیتے ہیں
یہ نہ صرف خود روشن ہوتے ہیں
بلکہ ان کے روشن وجود سے ایک زمانہ منور و تاباں ہو جاتا ہے
مختصر یہ کہ پرو لائف سے آپ گلو کرتے ہیں، گرو کرتے ہیں
PRO Life = Glowing and Growing Mentality
Let’s Move from SLOW LIFE to PRO LIFE from this stage onward.
کہاں تھے؟
کہاں ہیں؟
کہاں ہوں گے؟
جہاں تھے، وہاں کیا ٹھیک تھا کیا غلط؟
جہاں ہیں وہاں غلط کو ٹھیک کر رہے ہیں کہ نہیں؟
جہاں ہوں گے، وہاں پہنچ کر پھر یہی تجزیہ کرنا ہو گا
کہ کہاں تھے؟
کہاں ہیں؟
اور کہاں ہوں گے؟
یہ کائناتی فارمولا آپ کسی پراڈکٹ، سروس، رجحان، یا کاروبار
پر منطبق یعنی اپلائی کر سکتے ہیں
تو فیصلہ کیجئے۔
عزم کیجئے کہ زندگی روشن ہو گی۔
روشن کرے گی
مہکیں گے مہکائیں گے
ان شاءاللہ
تو سب سے پہلے اس سوال کا جواب کہ
ہم کہاں تھے؟ لوگ کہاں تھے؟ کوئی پراڈکٹ تھی
اس سے پہلے کہ آپ تجزیہ کر سکیں آپ کو ڈیٹا درکار ہے
اپنا انٹرویو آپ کریں
طریقہ کار میں سکھاؤں گا

Farooq Hussain Shah
Freelance Pakistan

M1T6 – Learn WordPress to Earn – Gutenberg Block Editor Guide 2021 Part 1 in Urdu | Hindi

M1T6 – Learn WordPress to Earn – Gutenberg Block Editor Guide 2021 Part 1 in Urdu | Hindi

This is Third Week (Module 1 Task 6) of 100 % Free WP Course under #WPSpartans300 Refueled 2021 Mission from Freelance Pakistan in Urdu , Hindi along with English Terms.

In this tutorial, we discussed in detail the WordPress Block Editor (Official WP Page Builder) created under #Gutenberg project. This is step by step guide : Part 1. First of all, we discussed how to access Gutenberg Editor via edit page or post window. How to publish or switch to draft mode? How to view the edited page or post in new tab?

We discussed how to edit title, add headings, paragraphs, different text to media blocks. How to add gallery? How to embed any YouTube or Vimeo Video etc? How to remove a block? How to change color and add background to any block? What are different options and settings per block? How to move around easily?

We talked about HTML and Visual sides of the block editor. How to add code and list items? How to add buttons, linked them and customise them with our own branding?
How to move blocks and change their alignment?
In Part 2, we’ll create our first site with the help of WP Block Editor step by step (No additional plugins). First of all we’ll discuss how to start working on clients projects while working on Upwork, Fiverr, Guru WP Projects. What are the fundamental steps? We’ll talk about specific niches in detail and then we’ll create bare-bone wire frame/ structure of our website. Furthermore, we’ll discuss how can we use Block Editor to create a nice looking, highly responsive WordPress Website just with Gutenberg Blocks.

Farooq Hussain Shah
Freelance Pakistan

Fix Localhost Port Issues and Change Default Browser Settings in Urdu | Hindi

Fix Localhost Port Issues and Change Default Browser Settings in Urdu | Hindi

How to fix localhost port issues? How to change default browser in Wampserver, Xampp, Laragon and Local by Flywheel? Quick solutions in Urdu – Hindi.

This is second follow up video for the Module one of Learn WordPress to Earn course started under #WPSpartans300 Refueled Mission 2021 for Freelancers working on Upwork, Fiverr, Guru etc. This tutorial answers questions you asked. Changing default browser and fixing port errors from 80 to 8080 or vice versa is very easy. Follow the tutorial step by step.

How to Change Default Browser in WampServer :

1- Open C Drive on your Computer (where you installed Wampserver)
2- Open the wamp64 folder (or wamp)
3- Open wampmanager.config file (right click on it and open with notepad)
4- Press Ctrl + F to find ‘Navigator’.
5- Find iexplorer.exe (or chrome.exe, firefox.exe) etc.
6- Change this line with the path of desired browser exe. For example:
navigator =”C:/Program Files(x86)/Google/Chrome/Application/chrome.exe”
7- Right click on Wampserver Icon. Restart all services.
8- Type http://localhost in your browser.
9- Boom. We’re done.

Port issue:
Open and edit httpd.conf (same process as mentioned above)

How to Change Default Browser in XAMPP :

1- Open XAMPP Control Panel.
2- Do not start Apache and MySQL. If services are already running, stop them.
3- Click on top right config file.
4- Click on folder icon.
5- Find Google in Program Files or Program Files x86 (64 bit vs 32 bit)
6- Click on Chrome/ Firefox/Opera etc. Click on open.
7- Boom. (You can do the same for notepad or any visual code editor etc.

Port Issue Fixed :

1- Right Click on config button next to Admin. Select Apache httpd.conf
2- Press Ctrl + F to find.
3- Type Listen 80. Find. When you see the line, change it to “Listen 8080”.
4- Now type “ServerName localhost:80”. Find. When you see the line, change it to “ServerName localhost:8080”.
5- For SSL, find Listen 443 and change it to let say 4433.
6- Find “VirtualHost _default_:443” and change it to “VirtualHost _default_:4443”.
7- Also find “ServerName localhost:443”. In some cases, it might not change. Or something like this “ServerName”. Whatever the case is, change it to “ServerName localhost:4443”.
8- In the XAMPP Control Panel, click on the main Config button (top right) again.
9- Click on Service and Port Settings.
10- Change the Main Port to 8080 and the SSL Port 4433 (or the port you chose).
11- Close config panel.
12- Stop and Start Apache. Restart services.
13- Now try clicking on admin button, and it will open.
14- Boom.

Change default browser in your Windows (as shown in the tutorial). And Laragon or Local by Flywheel will respect your choice.

Farooq Hussain Shah
Freelance Pakistan