Bitmap Logo Tracing Tips CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018 – Pro Series – Explained in Urdu – Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : September 28, 2018

Bitmap Logo Tracing Tips and Techniques in CorelDRAW is our next tutorial in the pro series explained in Urdu and Hindi for professional graphic designers and freelancers.

This is very important tutorial for basic to intermediate level Corel Draw Users as it covers almost all tracing techniques. From quick trace to Technical Illustrations and from line drawing to outline tracing including logo tracing, detailed logo tracing, clip art, low res image or high res image tracing. We started our discussion with importance of tracing in professional projects. For example, if you’re a freelancer and working online via Upwork or Fiverr and one of your clients send you a low res logo or any bitmap with low resolution, then you’ll have to trace the logo to get crisp results. This is where tracing tips and techniques come in handy.

We started our tutorial with quick trace example. Then we moved on towards other features. We explore how we can access trace options:
1) When a bitmap is imported and it is selected, we can see bitmap trace options right on the property bar in CorelDRAW 2018, or
2) We can access same options under Bitmap Menu.

We experimented with all options. We also addressed the following question in our tutorial:

1) How to remove background in CorelDRAW.

We can easily remove background with the help of PowerTRACE panel by going to color tab and removing unwanted colors. Likewise, we also explored how we can edit or merge colors. We talked about curve smoothing and detail enhancements in detail.

Finally, we talked about Bezier Tool and Pen tool to manually draw curves the right way. We can also use freehand tool and with the help of shape tool, we can convert straight lines to curves easily.

Wish you good luck in your learning endeavors and freelancing career.

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