4 – All in One WordPress Security & Firewall Plugin Complete Setup Step by Step in 2022
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : October 4, 2022

All in One WordPress Security & Firewall Plugin – Ultimate Step by Step Guide 2022 covers all steps from Installation to complete configuration of the plugin to harden WordPress Security.

We searched the plugin from WordPress Plugins Repository. Installed and activated. Started from Dashboard to Two Factor Authentication, we covered each and every step in detail. Non techies can learn a lot from this one tutorial to work on their freelancing projects on Fiverr and Upwork etc.

This plugin offers :

1) WP Admin URL Change
2) Protection from Bruteforce Attack
3) PHP based Firewall
4) User Accounts Protection
5) Key components i.e. .htaccess, wp-config and other additional files protection
6) Captcha Integration / Honeypot and Google reCaptcha etc
7) WordPress Database Table Prefix Replacement with just one click
8) Protection from Malicious Bots and Spam Comments
9) IP Whitelisting and Blacklisting Management
10) File Editing Disable
11) File Permissions
12) Directory Browsing Prohibition
13) Hide core WP files
15=4) Extra Security and Firewall

And tips and secrets included as always.

WordPress Security Guide (Step by Step 2022) Three Parts :

Part One : How to check if WordPress Website is Hacked or not?

Part Two : How to recover hacked WordPress Website in 2022.

Part Three : How to secure WordPress Website?

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