2 – WordPress Pro Developer Challenge – Block Based FSE Development Basics 2022 – Urdu | Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : September 14, 2022

To be WordPress Pro Developer by the end of 2023 is the challenge we accepted. This is 2nd Tutorial (step of our journey as we the #wpspartans200 see it). Primary Language is Urdu ; however, technical terms are in English.

In this second video (2nd step) of 16 months non stop commitment and passion, we started with very basics of being a WordPress Developer in 2022 and beyond. You can find further detail given in the chapters of the video. Our mission is to explore Ins and Outs of WordPress Gutenberg Editor and additional documentations and repositories.. We are focused on learning to meet requirements, standards and needs of the market.

In 16 months, we’ll go through Frontend and Backend learning phases step by step.
WordPress Spartans 300 Facebook Group (Very vibrant community)
Freelance Pakistan Facebook Group

Chapters of the Video :

0:00 – Intro
1:47 – Important Websites / Resources for WordPress Developers
3:00 – History of WordPress / Releases
4:06 – Tour of Full Site Editing Website / Theme Generator
5:00 – Brief Intro of Underscores.me
7:45 – Local WordPress Development Environments i.e. Laragon
8:35 – How to use Laragon and Benefits of using it as Localhost
11:00 – How to Install WordPress Locally with Laragon
12:28 – Tour of WordPress Twenty Twenty Theme
13:20 – Full Site Editing (FSE) from Header to Footer Intro
15:00 – Templates and Template Parts
16:13 – Mindset of Pro Developer
19:05 – WordPress Directory in Visual Studio Code
21:05 – How to create Block Based WordPress Theme with FSE Generator.
26:30 – What are Patterns in WordPress and how to get them.
31:23 – What do I want from you?
31:45 – Assignment for you.
32:22 – WordPress Legacy Versions Tour and Comparison

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